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Bulletproof Security

Your data is valuable and we take it seriously. We are certified with all the security measures to keep your company’s information protected.

Powerful AWS Cloud

Our platform encrypts 100% of your data with world-class AWS cloud security infrastructure, protecting all your information assets against viruses and cyber-security attacks.

  • Network Security

    We strictly block unidentified external accesses to the server and database.

  • Data Encryption

    All traffic and data on the platform are encrypted and managed securely.

  • Incident Response

    Our support team is always available for any security breaches 24/7.

Trustable Data Security

Our first and foremost priority is to keep our users’ most valuable data secure. Madras Check Co. Ltd invests heavily on your protection, retaining compliance certifications for management systems and cloud services to ensure data security.

Data Protection Compliance Certifications

  • ISO/IEC 27001 : 2013

    The world’s best-known standard for information security management systems. View Certificate


    Internationally recognised certification for a cloud service provider’s security posture. View Certificate

  • GDPR Compliant

    In compliance with EU privacy laws.

Privacy Protection

We attach utmost importance to the protection and security of your data.

  • GDPR Compliance

    We adhere to data privacy laws across EU member states.

  • Privacy Policy

    Learn more about our privacy policy. Read More

  • Privacy Data Encryption

    All personal data is 100% encrypted and stored securely.

Cloud Security Service

We are committed in providing the highest standards of cloud service, certified by internationally accredited auditors for clients all over the world.


Internationally recognised certification for a cloud service provider’s security posture.

Main Security Features

  • 01. Secret Message
    Secret message mode enables auto-deleting messages that keep your conversations private.
    02. File download Monitoring
    Account admins can track file download activities.
  • 03. Block file downloads
    Account admins can restrict file downloads on our platform so users can only read through the web viewer.
    04. Screenshot Monitoring
    Our platform detects screenshot actions from Apple devices, creating a history log in real-time.
  • 05. Disable Screen Capture
    Account admins can block screen capturing on Android devices.
    06. 2 Factor Authentication
    Additional verification for unusual log-in attemps.
  • 07. Prevent Multiple Logins
    Allow single device login on each platform such as desktop and mobile, restricting multiple logins.
    08. Feed Access
    All user data is encrypted and securely managed.
  • 09. Account Control
    Resigned accounts are easily manageable, so that account admins can protect data from retirees.
    10. Data Encryption
    All customer data is encrypted and securely managed.